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Sssso... Just a few days ago, I was able to finish watching Yuto's 2016 drama [HOPE ~Kitai Zero no Shin'nyu Shain] :D

And i've gotta say ... Just like what happened with [Scrap Teacher], i went into this drama for Yuto but stayed for him and sooooo much more! <3 x) Ahhhh ~ the things Hey! Say! JUMP make me do. hehehe

And so! let's go to my mini review/ramble on the drama :)
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31 January 2017 @ 04:36 pm
it's a day for celebration for all tobikkos of the world! :D
it's our reliable onii-chan's birthday!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚
Tanjoubi umedetou, Yabu Kota-san!! ❤❤❤

I am always so thankful to you for being the pillar of Hey! Say! JUMP.
No matter what anyone says, I will always believe in this ... and I hope you do too :)

Thank you so much for being the leader and big brother figure to the 9 crazy and unique members. It probably isn't an easy job but you have my sincere gratitude and support for doing it nonetheless.
I hope you have the best 27th birthday :) you deserve it!
Please never change and remain the bright, cheerful, reliable Yabu Kota of Hey! Say! JUMP.

We leave the members in your guidance ~
Let us, Hey! Say! JUMP and tobikkos, stay together for more and more years to come

Daisuki dayo, Yabunbun~ (≧∇≦)/
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23 January 2017 @ 12:48 pm
I've only been in the HSJ fandom for a couple of months but I already know that in the international category of said fandom, there is a shortage in translation a.k.a subbers/translators :<
I say this because, as a dedicated member of a kpop fandom for 6 years now, namely SHINee World, I can make the comparison that there, everything and i mean everything is subbed/translated for the consumption of shawols around the world. Therefore, those of us that do not understand korean, still know of SHINee's schedules/interviews/show guestings and many others just hours after their releases. We're still very active in the fandom as if we're in S.Korea too! :D

Of course, i am not looking down on the jpop fandom. No way! A lot of other jpop groups get as much translations as SHINee too.
This observation of mine is limited to the international HSJ fandom which is the only one i'm in right now.

Maybe it has something to do with super strict copyright laws in japan?
Maybe it has something to do with the fandom being a tad bit too exclusive?
Maybe there really is just a lack of willing souls to do it?

I really don't know.

... and no one is at fault.
Not the company, not the boys, not the fandom.

That is why I really, sincerely look up to the senpai who work so hard to sub and/or translate materials related to our boys simply to help spread more HSJ to their fellow tobikkos who do not understand japanese. Hontouni sonkeishiteimasu!
To offer your time and effort for something that contributes to the international promotion of your idols, it's too amazing. beyond words. Truly!
Thank you! Thank you very much!

When I see subbers or communities desperate for helpers, I cant help but feel sad that theyre so under-staffed :(
I get anxious that if they don't get enough help, they may decide to stop subbing because they don't have the motivation anymore or they just can't handle it anymore. We all have our personal lives to consider as well so I can't really blame them if they do either.. *sigh* too sad T^T

Personally, due to my earlier mentioned shortage of international-consummable HSJ material, I would LOVE to offer help to the HSJ fandom. If it would help spread awareness of HSJ to the world, I'd be honored to!
But what do i do? My japanese is limited to otaku and jpop fangirl level. I have ZERO experience translating, much less subbing OTL
My fangirl experience is only limited to photo edits, GIFs, and fanfics ;A; ... so i know i wont be of any help to the subber/translator senpais.
My PC just recently broke down too so I cant download software to practice with. x(
Plus! I don't have the confidence to just chat up the veteran senpais and offer my meager help ;A;

I'm so useless, its frustrating! (>A<)
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Last night, I got to watch the TV movie that Inoo Kei was in last year entitled [Doctor X ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko SP 2016].

Honestly, i just went into it out of curiousity xD
I just really wanted to see Kei's acting.

Quick story!
I've seen some of Ryosuke's movies and dramas and have seen how much he improved in terms of acting (I freaking LOVED him in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu! <3 I was really impressed with the acting!).
And so, i was craving to see my niiban in action as well^^
with the Live-action Peach Girl on the way, i just couldn't help myself to see a preview of Kei's acting.
and that's how i ended up watching the 2016 Doctor X SP :)

Ok! now, let's go to my quick ramble/review of Kei in this movie. (NOTE: SLIGHT SPOILERS)
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05 January 2017 @ 11:52 am
I just thought i'd make a kind of "masterpost" for all my accounts on the web so you can find me :)
who knows, maybe we we're already connected/friends in another site and don't even know it! xD haha that would be cool tho ^^
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29 December 2016 @ 11:37 am
being a newbie fangirl to an almost 10-year-old group is hard ... (>M<)
first of all, gathering info takes massive time and internet browsing skills lol ... but that's the easy part.

What pricks my heart are the many gossip/scandal articles that appear on my searches from time to time.
Well, I kind of expected it since they are a long-running group and the entertainment industry is just crawling with things like that but ... *sigh* ... i just couldn't stop myself from being a little upset and disappointed at them ... even if they happened years or months ago. :( i'm sorry for being that kind of tobikko. But really, it's my true feelings. I can't change them no matter what i do.

I wont be mentioning which HSJ members' articles i've read/seen because it just adds to my pain to remember them ... but i will say that i am trying my best to move on from them. Cleared up or not, True or not, I am here for HSJ and will continue to get to know them more and more and love them more and more :) because that's what i promised them when i declared myself a tobikko.

Sorry for the slight rant. Its just ... *sigh*
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28 November 2016 @ 01:04 pm
On October 30, 2016, I watched "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Soutsugyou Hen" after putting it off for quite a while xD (I watched the first movie the year before but it never really struck anything major in me lol ;) back then, I was more focused on seeing if the live action adaptation gave the anime/manga justice hehe ... It did tho! :D i was pretty satisfied^^ So it was only natural that i'd want to watch the sequel :)

What i liked most about the second movie was the improved visuals of all the characters in general :D haha ... no, really! i was most happy that they all looked much better than the first movie^^ Especially Karma and Nagisa <3

Then ... I kept observing Nagisa's actor.
I mean, he's the main character so it was only natural that my eyes would go toward him. But in this second movie MAN! he was just sooooo handsome I couldn't look away! xD Plus! his acting was really great!^^ Especially during the last assassination scene where the emotions were just soooooo realistically portrayed that I decided that this actor was someone I'm going to follow :)

And so I did!

"Yamada Ryosuke"
was the name that was displayed along side the character "Shiota Nagisa"

and that's where it all started. xD I looked up Hey! Say! JUMP because, after finding out that Ryosuke was a member of an idol group, i just couldn't stop anymore! xD hahaha! (I'm an idol fangirl by blood so ... yeah :P)

The very first video I watched of them is one live performance of Kimi Attraction (I forgot which show) and i was COMPLETELY hooked! :D Its also my very favorite song of HSJ to this day^^ I love a whole lot of their songs but Kimiato is just <3 ahhh~

Eventually, my HSJ bias list grew and grew and now, I am completely fallen for the scaredy three musketeers xD (Ryosuke, Kei, & Yuto) their Itadaki High Jump episode is my favorite so far <3 But every single member is precious to me! Theyre all tugging at my heart and its just ASDFGHJKL!!! hahaha! Geez!!

So there! :)
Its quite an average story but to me, it's very special :) I will never forget OCTOBER 30, 2016 as it is the day my fangirl life took another beautiful turn towards Hey! Say! JUMP <3

One day, I'm gonna be looking at this post and smiling like an idiot x) <3
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22 November 2016 @ 04:02 pm
Being a newbie tobikko, I would just like to share my first impressions on the HSJ members given the limited info i have on them as of this time :)
i think it would be fun to look back on this once i get to know them better and follow them more closely^^

Note: As of this writing, I've watched all their PVs + Makings, around 2 episodes of Itadaki High Jump, 2 episodes of JanJanJUMQ, 4 episodes of JUMParty, an episode of School Kakumei, all episodes of Yuya and Yuri's France Trip, and 5 of their concert DVDs (2007-2012). So ... yeah. I have veeeeery little knowledge xD

Alright! so without further ado, let's get right to it :)
Kota Yabu
For me, Yabu-san is the "official unofficial" leader of HSJ :D i really think no one else fits the bill but him^^ i know that Ryosuke is the center but i dont really think he's very ... leader-like. hehe xD Yabu-san gave off the feeling more.
Also, i think Yabu-san is the main vocalist of the group. and rightly so! His voice is very clear; so whenever he sings his lines, he demands attention which is very admirable :)
Personality wise, i think Yabu-san is always cautious. He seems very carfeul of everything he says. Of course he goofs off like everyone else but i can always feel that he's holding back to some degree. Whether that means he's keeping an eagle eye over the other members like the leader that he is, or another reason entirely, i will never be sure... but thats ok i guess :) He's awkward but charming just the way he is ^^
Yuya Takaki
Right off the bat, i knew that Yuya was the cold/cool character of the group. You know, the never smiling, always glaring kind of cold character. Well ... at least in PVs he was ... everywhere else, he's just the dorky, silly guy who everyone pokes fun at xD haha! and that's actually one of his charm points! :)
You would never guess at first glance that this guy is an adorable Mama's boy who is afraid of heights and is really awkward around strangers xD
Kei Inoo
I can honestly say that I am a closet Kei bias LOL! xD He's definitely my ichiban in BEST and although Ryosuke is my HSJ bias, Inoo Kei is like ... slowly picking away at that pedestal with his pretty princess hands ISWEARTOGOD!! xD
I can't really explain why i'm so drawn to him. He's basically a total loser haha (no offense, really) xD during their JUMParty episodes, he's mostly last and everywhere else, he spews the randomest crap I CANT EVEN WITH THIS GUY!! hahaha! xD despite all this, im am still sooooo attracted to him! ... or maybe thats exactly why! maybe his unpredictability is what makes him so charming to me <3
Hikaru Yaotome
The very first thing that struck me about this guy was his toothy smile^^ hehe and soon, i found out he's the clown of the group who always makes everyone laugh with his antics :D he's awesome, really. I think he's doing a great job at being HSJ's mood maker. He's really cool when playing the bass too^^ all of the instrument-playing members are :)
Daiki Arioka
Dai-san is ... hmmmm ... i don't really have much to say about him xD lol ... that doesn't mean i dont like him, i do^^ he's just very down to earth ... he's probably the only normal person in their group lol xD ... he reacts quite appropriately to situations and carries himself well during live perfs :) i like it when some of his jokes or laugh attempts fail and theres an awkward pause haha xD but some of his puns actually work tho! and its really funny hehe ...
Keito Okamoto
Hey! Say! JUMP's "english gentleman" hehe xD ... i'm actually quite glad there's an english-speaker in this group^^ that's very rare in jpop groups and is a very good thing for HSJ especially for international fans like me :)
Well ... i may be wrong ... but i think Keito is like ... the object of torment for the other HSJ members xD hahaha! they always like to poke fun at him and he likes to tease back by speaking in straight english only to be showered with complaints and jeers and the cycle just goes on and on, its really amusing to watch xD ... I also like how kind of airheaded Keito is ... his b;ank expression is hard to read and is always commented on by the other members. I notice in a lot of concerts that he tends to fall back in choreography. I figure its probably just nerves. He covers up well tho and the misses become less drastic^^ P.S. I laughed so hard at this boy in their Fall Physical Test JUMParty xD his vertical jump had me wheezing! that frustrating airhead! hahahaha! <3
Ryosuke Yamada
Ahh. Yamada Ryosuke. Where do i even begin with Yamada Ryosuke? xD
First off, needless to say ... Ryo is my HSJ ichiban :D <3 He's the reason I got into the fandom and the reason why i liked the live adaptation of Ansatsu Kyoshitsu hahaha ;)
One doesn't need to be a informed fan to know that this guy is the center. He has the most screentime in PVs and is literally mostly at the center of formations in their choreos.
I like how his given image is the sexy, seductive character but in reality, he's just the sassy, perfectionist diva that turns into a precious baby when exposed to heights (i.e. roller coasters & paragliding) hahaha!! xD
This guy is just a mass of a lot of things, i never get bored watching him. His immensely handsome face just adds delight to the experience ;) hehe if only he were taller tho hahahaha xD (sry bby i still love you <3)
Yuto Nakajima
This guy's face is just .... art. HAHAHA! xD ... no, really! it's like his face is a friggin' sculpture!
Yuto is also up there on my HSJ bias list not only due to his looks but his dorky personality as well^^ In most of the PV makings, he's just holding the camera and filming funny scenes i love that about him. Other times, he's the one goofing off and causing laughter!
I just find it really cute that he's the tall, statuesque kind of guy but in reality he's silly and crazy like a hyper kid x) <3 adorable!
Yuri Chinen
Tbh, my views on Chinen changed after I watched his and Yuya's france trip^^ at first, i just saw him as the cutesy factor of the group and rightly so! did you see this boy in their very first PV?? mygod!
anyway ... after watching said france trip, he appeared more ... manly to me! :D hehe! idk! he was just reliable and open-minded, it was beautiful to watch them turn from unreachable idols to down-to-earth idols who may experience the same travel worries/problems any average person does! it was refresing, seriously^^
Thereafter, i've been looking at Chinen in a different light :) now, the cuteness is just a wonderful extra to this beautiful person's package and i love him for it :D

Bonus: Morimoto Ryuutaro
I never really got to know Ryuu all that much. I only saw him in the earlier PVs and concert and that was it. What i will say about him i that he had sooo much potential :) He lacked a lot of lines and screentime back then and if he was still with the group, that probably would have improved and made him better.
But oh well! things happen for a reason and I really do, sincerely wish Ryuu all the best. I hope he is happy and healthy wherever he is now^^
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14 November 2016 @ 11:11 pm
it's barely been a month since i dived into the HSJ fandom and i've already got THREE fanfics in tow! hahaha xD
its kind of exciting too!^^

i will start working on them as early as now but i dont think i will be posting them anytime soon. ^^'
i'm gonna try to do the thing where i actually COMPLETE the story first before publishing on the net :)
i've never done that so i'm hoping my HSJ feels help to do it <3

so far, i have 2 Ryosuke fics and 1 Inoo Kei :D
who knows? other fic ideas might pop up in my brain again! haha xD
14 November 2016 @ 10:14 pm
Konnichi wa!
wow ... i made this LJ account freaking FOUR years ago xD lol!
guess i never really got to learning how things work here OTL ...

anyway! to celebrate my newest obsession, namely Hey! Say! JUMP, i've decided to dedicate my livejournal account to HSJ and jpop fangirling^^
of course, im still a COMPLETE newbie so i'm gonna have to crawl my way up this site cause i dont know scat about anything here hahaha! xD but i've seen that most HSJ communities are LJ so i ultimately want to give it a try :)
hope all goes well~
go easy on me, friends :3 
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